Why you need to add masturbation to your self care routine.

masturbation pain self care

Is masturbation a form of self-care? Yes! 100 times, yes!

Take a look back 3, 400 years or more. People knew what was good for them. There was no shame, guilt, or disgust around sex. Group sex, same-sex love, and masturbation was a frequent act that took place regularly and was talked about as openly as the weather. Somewhere along the centuries, things have taken a drastic change and masturbation, along with other sexual acts, have become something to be ashamed of and not talked about.

Let's take a leaf out of Catherine the Great's book... like literally. She wrote memoirs about masturbating and wasn't shy about telling everyone about it!

Self-pleasure should be a major part of everyone’s self-care routine, and here's why.

Masturbation is about loving our bodies. Exploring and getting to know your body in a safe environment, gaining confidence in what you enjoy and what you don't, and then using that confidence while having sex with a partner. You know your body, you know what it needs, and you can easily convey that to another person. You are the master of your own orgasm, which is such a powerful feeling!

Aside from the self confidence, masturbation is literally the safest form of sex. You can't become pregnant or contract an STI. Masturbation is absolutely all about you, and how you feel, taking care of your own pleasure. You don't need anyone else!

Masturbation boosts immunity! Yes you read that right. Masturbation actually increases your immunity. Masturbation promotes immunological function by boosting cortisol levels, which aid in immunity strengthening. Covid is everywhere and as we approach cold and flu season, it's a great reason to stay in bed for an extra half an hour each morning. Masturbation is good for your health, so if for no other reason do it for a natural immunity boost. 😉

And that's not the only health benefit. Masturbation has a multitude of health benefits, including increasing your lifespan! 🤗

It can reduce your chances of developing prostate cancer. Reduce your chances of developing heart disease. Lower your blood pressure! It's amazing for increasing your mood, reducing anxiety, depression, and lets not forget stress relief!! There are so many toys on the market that guarantee discretion. Vibrators in the shape of lipstick, and strokers shaped like an egg. Masturbation on the go! Experts know what's good for us.  Masturbation devices to help us relieve stress while when were not at home. Genius!  

Did you know that masturbation is a natural and effective pain reliever? Researchers surveyed 500 menstruating women and asked them not to take traditional painkillers for a month, instead masturbate to try to relieve period pain. Of the 500 volunteers, 70% said that masturbating reduced not only the severity of their period pains almost immediately, but also other period-related symptoms such as bloating, mood swings, and diarrhoea! Doctors need to be prescribing vibrators! 

But it's more than just menstrual pain. Evidence shows that the brain areas activated by pain (the insula and anterior cingulate cortex) are the same areas that are stimulated by masturbation and orgasm. Making masturbation one of the most powerful, readily available, and natural painkillers available to us!

Masturbation is actually the best kept secret to the self care routine. And with that, i'm off to mastubate 😉

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