Neon Stroker
Neon Stroker
Neon Stroker

Neon Stroker

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Lube up and glide against the soft and ultra-stretchy, ribbed chamber for super-lifelike penetration.

Go nice and slow for some seriously irresistible teasing or release a day’s worth of torturous desire and pound with all you’ve got.

Use the Neon Stroker to mimic the feeling of a blow job by gripping the top of the stroker tight, and pulling in an upwards motion to create a suction.

Perfect for solo play or with a partner. 

Maintaining your sleeve has never been easier than with Refresh Powder.

With time and repeated use, the hyper-realistic silicone may begin to naturally lose some of its softness. By regularly using the Refresh Powder, you can keep your sleeve feeling like it did during your first experience. For best results, add

powder onto your sleeve until it is completely coated with a thin layer, then enjoy as usual

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