KinKi Rainbow Rabbit Tail Plug - 5.9 Inch

KinKi Rainbow Rabbit Tail Plug - 5.9 Inch

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Live out your furriest fantasies with KinKi's Rainbow Rabbit Tail Butt Plug.

Super cute without sacrificing functionality, this plug is an anal lover and animal roleplay enthusiast's dream. The plug is designed in an iridescent rainbow-hued metal, with the attraction power to captivate attention no matter the situation. And because of the teardrop tapered design of the plug itself, KinKi's Rainbow Rabbit Tail Butt Plug is easy to insert and maximises pleasure with a gratifying stretch. It's great for any level of anal enthusiast and a must-have for fetish roleplay lovers.

At the base of this plug is a super furry tail with a plush touch feeling. Designed like a rabbit's bushy tail, it mimics the actual feel of the animal itself and is super soft to make play extra-lifelike. For both users and any lucky viewers, they get to enjoy the sensual appearance of the tail, and if lucky enough, partners can get a feel of the tail and all the sultry softness it holds.

Because of the metal material of this plug, it is temperature play compatible. Simply soak the tip (metal part) in warm or cool water and the plug mimics the external temperature surrounding it. It's that easy to elevate your play! Please note, however, avoid getting the tail wet (unless that's your thing) as this can make play uncomfortable and messy.

Key Features of the KinKi Rainbow Rabbit Tail Plug:

  • Bunny styled tail
  • Sleek, tapered insertable plug
  • Rainbow hue plug colour
  • Perfect for roleplay

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