Bubble Gum Anal Beads
Bubble Gum Anal Beads

Bubble Gum Anal Beads

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Bubble Gum is an anal plug that is as sweet as its name suggests!

This tasteful-looking anal explorer has an ergonomic design that will treat your back door to new heights of pleasure. The tapering nature of each bead allows for an easy initial insertion which gradually builds in size creating an filled-up feeling. As the final bead reaches the deepest point of your booty, the rounded tip stimulates the erogenous zone with gleeful strokes as you wiggle it around.

The silicone material used to construct these beads is smooth and 100% body-safe. The curved handle enables easy retrieval no matter how deep you push this plug.

Note: When using this plug, ensure adequate water-based lubricant is applied to the plug and yourself/user to facilitate an easier insertion.

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