Bijoux Cosmetiques Massage Candle

Bijoux Cosmetiques Massage Candle

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Kissable massage candle.

The essence of strawberries melts in this massage candle to permeate the body with flavour and stimulate the soul. Fragrances and vegetable wax mix for the most sensual of massages and invites kisses to spring forth from the heat of its soft glow.

100 gram

Bijoux Cosmétiques products are specially created to make you feel wonderful. That is why a lot of care is put into the process of selecting natural ingredients and scents that will protect the natural balance of your skin.

The formulas are paraben and mineral oil-free, resulting in very select sensual cosmetics that reach you in optimal condition thanks to the glass containers which ensure the perfect stability and quality of the products.

Bijoux Cosmétiques products are made with natural ingredients that are beneficial to your skin and whose effects can be seen on the outside and felt on the inside.

Bijoux Cosmétiques products that have the ‘kissable’ label are perfect for kissing as they are made up of ingredients such as soybean oil, which is used in the massage oils, and cornstarch, used in the shimmering body powder, that are fit for consumption. The most exquisite flavours and aromas make them appetizing and agreeable to the palate.

Caresses and kisses never tasted this good before.

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