Womanizer Premium Bundle

Womanizer Premium Bundle

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Climax without bounds…

The Womanizer Premium Bundle is the perfect set to treat yourself or a lucky lover with. If you want the best in elite self-pleasure, then the Womanizer Premium Bundle is going to quickly become your best friend. Containing the Womanizer Premium, bottles of Just Glide 2in1 200ml Massage Gel/Lubricant, Just Glide Bio pH Optimised 30ml Lubricant, and Just Glide 2in1 100ml Cleaner, the Premium Bundle has you covered from the beginning of playtime all the way to clean up.

Womanizer Premium
This is Womanizer’s very own innovation. Pleasure Air Technology offers touchless stimulation through gentle air pressure for your clitoris. The result? Feeling like you’re walking on air. Let the gentle vibrations guide you to incredible climaxes. With 12 intensity levels ranging in power and pattern, the Womanizer Premium keeps you on your toes with varied bliss - whatever mood you're in, the Premium will rise to the occasion.

The Womanizer Premium is sensual, slender, and ergonomically shaped. It fits perfectly in your palm and is easily maneuvered so you can concentrate solely on your pleasure. This unique design ensures that every journey of self-exploration is the best it can possibly be.

SensEro India Body Lotion
The India Body Lotion by SensEro is a water-based massage cream that will leave your skin silky smooth and radiating with a stunning glow. Use alone to pamper yourself after playing or have your partner masse this formula into your skin and let the romance intensify. Bottle contains 100mls.

Just Glide Bio
This water-based lubricant is pH optimised and vegan. Perfect for the body, this lubricant 100% natural and organic helping make play time the best it can possibly be. Bottle contains 20mls.

SensEro Massage Oil
This odourless massage oil will entice intimacy in the bedroom no matter the occasion. Perfect for a romantic massage, the SensEro formula is silky smooth, and will elicit feelings of unmatched arousal in the bedroom! Bottle contains 100mls.

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