Satisfyer Men Vibration 1
Satisfyer Men Vibration 1

Satisfyer Men Vibration 1

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The masculine design in elegant black makes the masturbator a discreet playmate for modern guys. Its ergonomic curves feel perfect in the hand, so you can comfortably operate the buttons with your thumb, while the lower bulge nestles in your palm and your fingers find good support in the side grooves.

Thanks to the rechargeable batteries, the toy is not only good for you, but also does the environment a favor. If your playmate needs more juice, you can simply recharge it with the included magnetic USB cable.


With 14 vibration programs and an insertion length of 7 cm, the upper, sensitive part of your pleasure stick will enjoy an exciting adventure. Gentle and reserved, intense and demanding, or a bit of everything - what do you need today?

With a choice of 3 intensities and 8 hot rhythms, the choice is yours! The powerful motors are located in the tip and in the middle bulge of the toy and with the overlapping vibration patterns of the rhythmic programs provide a feeling that is reminiscent of tingling oral sex.

Thanks to the wide opening, you can also use the Satisfyer Men Vibration on a penis that is not yet erect. This way the stylish companion is suitable both for kindling your desire, as well as for extensive penis tip massages.

The two bulges in the interior form a staircase effect, which makes the masturbator even narrower toward the back. You can glide over the waves with some water-based lubricant or just sit back and enjoy the different vibration patterns. The waterproof finish (IPX7) also makes the Satisfyer Men Vibration an addictive rubber duck alternative for climactic moments.

With the Satisfyer Men Vibration you give your most precious part sensual quality time at its best. The ergonomically shaped lifestyle toy was created for the modern men’s world and pampers proud owners of a penis with sensual stimulation.

Does that sound tempting to you too? Then come and play with him - or better yet: play and come with him! To effectively satisfy your craving for hot vibes, the masturbator massages your most precious part with 14 varied vibrating programs, while you relax and enjoy the pleasurable activity.

With 2 super strong power motors inside the pleasure-bringer, a sexy rolling vibration is generated, which provides the tip of your penis as well as its upper part with a blowjob-inspired sensual experience. Say goodbye to exhausting manual labor!


  • 2 super-strong Power Motors
  • waterproof (IPX7).
  • 14 vibration programs
  • skin-friendly silicone rechargeable including USB charging cable

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