Moby Huge

Moby Huge

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There are almost no words to describe Moby. Standing just under 3 feet tall and weighing more than 22 kg, Moby may very well be the biggest dildo in the world! This absolutely massive cock is made of firm, flexible rubber, and from balls to tip is lovingly detailed and crafted for realism. What will you do with Moby?

Impress your friends, make him the centrepiece at a wild party. Use him as a unique prop, or make him the star of your next party.

We guarantee Moby will grab tons of attention and make you the focus of every eye. There may even be a soul out there brave or talented enough to use Moby as a traditional dildo. With this tremendous and truly unique cock, anything is possible! you are limited only by your kinky imagination.

measurements: 35.5 inches in height, 25.5 inches in circumference

material: PVC

colour: black

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