Love Hamma - Pleasure Pouch
Love Hamma - Pleasure Pouch

Love Hamma - Pleasure Pouch

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For fantasy role play or just for fun, the pleasure pouch is a much-needed addition to any pleasure enthusiasts accessory collection.

Hands-free and easy to play with “The Pleasure Pouch”, designed to hold your sex toys, lubes, handcuffs and any other desires. An easy connector back allows you to put this item on during play, and take it off just as easily. Adjustable straps allow for the perfect fit to be achieved, no matter your figure.

The Pleasure Pouch provides hands-free play and lets you easily reach your lubes and sex toys during your playtime. Playtime has never been as convenient as now with the Pleasure Pouch from Love Hamma!

Key features of the Pleasure Pouch:

  • Toys can be turned on ready to go in the pouch
  • No fumbling around or awkward pause to find toys or lube
  • The soft smooth leather feels sensual against the skin, the smooth leather pockets make it easy for toys and lube to be removed
  • Easy to clip adjustable strap

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