Kink Range Enema Wand With Removable heads
Kink Range Enema Wand With Removable heads

Kink Range Enema Wand With Removable heads

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Cleanliness is important to having a great anal experience and this enema toy will help you achieve that.

Made from stainless steel, this probe helps reach the hardest to clean areas with absolute ease. With plenty of length and an ergonomic design, the Kink Range enema head is easily insertable and fits on most sizes of shower attachment.

This enema tool is designed with a narrow shaft which makes it perfect for those who want an extra deep clean before play time. It also comes with interchangeable heads which change in size and the amount of spouts present on the tip. This allows for varied stimulation for the user and a different clean depending on their preference.

The Kink Range wand head is ideal for those who want an effective clean while experiencing stimulation at the same time.

The tip has narrow holes dotted around which allows water to freely flow through the nozzle at a variety of angles.

When finished with this enema piece, ensure a thorough clean is conducted to remove any nasties which may be present after a cleaning. Store in a cool, dark and dry place when not in use.

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