Fine Line Flogger
Fine Line Flogger

Fine Line Flogger

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Beginners rejoice with this Fine Line flogger. Beautifully crafted, this flogger is perfect for those just starting out in the BDSM world or those more experienced who need a new flogger as their old one broke!

Equipped with a sturdy handle and a wrist strap, feel in control of the bedroom and get your lover to do as you say when you whip them into shape. Each strike growing their love for you stronger, lust radiates out of their skin from the freshly marked areas, they will be begging for more.

This flogger is perfect for beginners as very much like crops, floggers whips change on the size of the Falls. The smaller the Fall the more of a sting the flogger will give. Wider Falls create more of a thud, which doesn't last as long.

Product Features:

  • Length: 45cm
  • Material: PVC
  • Wrist strap

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